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Dear visitor,
Welcome to the apartment hotel Vanha Rauma!


Our hotel was built during years 2005 and 2006. We are located in Vanha Rauma's (Old Rauma) commercial estate which is at UNESCO's world heritage-list.

The rooms are well equipped, fully furnished and beautifully renovated in old classic style. These rooms are located in Apul-estate which was built in early 1800.


The Vanha Rauma apartment hotel is located in the Vanha Rauma (Old Rauma) area in kauppakatu 18. The hotel is only 50 metre's away from kauppatori (market square).


We have 2 double room apartments (40 square metre's) and one three-room apartment (55 square metre's) in our hotel. All rooms are equipped with broadband internet access, cable-tv, dvd-player, radio, refrigerator and dishwasher.

Our rooms also contain a fully equipped kitchen, steamjetshower in the bathroom, a washing machine and ironing equipment. Each room has 2-4 beds and we can easily add more beds as needed.


The minimum rent is for three days. Our cleaning service will clean the rooms and change sheets once in week, or more often for an additional fee.

Rental periods of over 4 weeks are priced by agreement. 8 % value added tax will be added to prices.

Double room aparment: 90 € / daily rate
Three-room aparment: 130 € / daily rate

Bank wire transfer or Cash payments are accepted. Please ask for bank details. Reservations and more details from +358 500 785 304.